Megyn Kelly Says Melania Trump Has Experienced 'Staunch Sexism'

Kelly was originally misquoted in an interview, which led to much confusion online.
Kelly attends an event for The Hollywood Reporter in April 2016. 
Kelly attends an event for The Hollywood Reporter in April 2016. 

UPDATE: 12/5 ― Net-a-Porter originally reported that Megyn Kelly spoke out against the “staunch feminism” Melania Trump has encountered. The magazine confirmed to The Huffington Post that they misquoted Kelly; the journalist said “staunch sexism.” The article has been updated to reflect this information. 


Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly recently denounced the sexism Melania Trump has faced. 

In an interview for Net-a-Porter’s Porter Magazine that hit newsstands Friday, Kelly said she “doesn’t want to get mired in [feminism]” but took a moment to talk about the “staunch sexism” Melania has experienced. 

“She’s been subjected to some really staunch sexism and I’ve been really offended on her behalf,” Kelly said.  

“The New York Times called her a trophy wife and a mannequin which is f-ed up and really offensive,” Kelly continued. “Just because she’s gorgeous doesn’t mean you get to dismiss her. She speaks I think five languages. She’s a mother. She’s a supportive wife. She’s an entrepreneur. I don’t know how successful her businesses are, but she’s out there trying. Screw them for saying that.” 

Kelly shared a similar sentiment on-air immediately after the NYT piece was published in September. Donald Trump tweeted at Kelly after the journalist had defended Melania. “Thank you [Megyn Kelly] for the nice things you said about Melania,” he tweeted. “You will like her, great heart and smart - always wanting to help people!”



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