Megyn Kelly's Fiery Interview With CDC Director Over Ebola

Megyn Kelly demanded answers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr. Tom Frieden in a fierce interview on Tuesday.

The Fox News host repeatedly pressed Frieden to "be honest" with Americans and start telling the truth about the failures of the CDC to prevent the spread of Ebola within the United States. She accused the CDC of presenting some "misplaced" and "wrong" information on how the Dallas health care worker who treated a patient with Ebola managed to contract the disease despite allegedly taking safety precautions.

Frieden stressed that he is working to minimize the risk and is fully focused on protecting Americans.

"I'm not blaming you for Ebola," Kelly shot back. "But let's just be honest about where we are. You did make that assurance, and now we have had somebody die in the United States from Ebola. And now, a nurse, a United States health care worker, who you assured us would be trained and that they were prepared has now got this disease and has perhaps as much of a 50 percent chance of dying."

As Frieden struggled to provide clearcut answers, Kelly pressed on.

"Why wasn't this stuff done before we had an Ebola patient come to the United States?" she asked. "Why now are we figuring it out as we go along with a disease that has such a high mortality rate?"