Megyn Kelly Collapses Into Fit Of Giggles Over Stripper Story (VIDEO)

Megyn Kelly could not contain her laughter during her Friday Fox News show after she reported a story about a Houston Chronicle journalist who was fired when the paper found out she worked part time as a stripper.

Following a report on the Houston journalist, Kelly introduced her next segment on the Washington Post's article about Mitt Romney reportedly bullying a classmate during his prep school years.

Kelly meant to describe the story as "one of the hottest media controversies," but instead said "hottiest." She laughed at her mistake and mocked the previous story about the Houston journalist/stripper. "Sorry, one of the hottest media controversies, and we don't mean the angry stripper," Kelly said through her laughs. "It's a big story, that's what I'm trying to say," she said, referring back to the Washington Post article.

Kelly paused to collect herself, but the stripper story still seemed to be on her mind. She described the Washington Post's front page story as appearing "above the pole," instead of "above the fold."

"Not above the pole! Above the fold!" Kelly laughed. "It's Friday."

Watch the whole video above via Johnny$ above.



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