Megyn Kelly, Fox News Panel Battle Over Bob Costas' Gun Control Speech (VIDEO)

Megyn Kelly and her guests battled over the controversial speech NBC Sports broadcaster Bob Costas made during "Sunday Night Football."

Following Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher's tragic murder-suicide earlier on Sunday, Costas briefly advocated for gun control during halftime. Costas paraphrased and quoted Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock.

On Monday's "America Live," Kelly hosted conservative radio host Lars Larson and Daily Beast columnist Kirsten Powers. Larson called for Costas' firing and likened his gun control speech to Don Imus' incendiary comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team that led to the radio host's dismissal from CBS.

Powers defended Costas' ability to express his opinion and said that she did not hear him suggest anything about laws. "Bob Costas has been around for a long time, he's very respected, the idea he would be fired over expressing his opinion over a tragedy ... is shocking," Powers said. "And he's correct that if a gun hadn't been involved ... the odds are higher that [Belcher] would be alive."

Kelly quickly responded to Powers. "You know the argument against that Kirsten ... look at O.J. Simpson. He went over there with a knife. He murdered his ex-wife and her friend. You know there are other weapons besides guns and people who are determined to kill, will likely kill," Kelly said.

Kelly later compared the situation to Hank Williams Jr.'s firing from ESPN after he compared President Obama to Hitler.

"I'm sorry, are we really comparing wanting gun laws to saying racist things?" Powers said.

"Just controversial comments have led to terminations," Kelly said.



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