Megyn Kelly Wonders If George Stephanopoulous Can Cover The 2016 Elections At All

Fox News host Megyn Kelly suggested Thursday night that George Stephanopoulous may no longer be qualified to cover the 2016 presidential election.

Stephanopoulous is in the spotlight this week after news broke that he donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation without disclosing the information to the network or his viewers. The ABC News chief anchor apologized for having failed to disclose the donations on Thursday and announced that he would no longer be moderating one of the 2016 Republican debates, as he was expectd to do.

Kelly seems to think, however, that Stephanopoulous' problem may stretch beyond just one debate.

"If you announce that you are too conflicted to host the presidential debate, aren't you too conflicted to cover the presidential race?" Kelly wondered. "How are the viewers supposed to trust him?"

Howard Kurtz went even further on the show, arguing that the incident is "so severe" that it "threatens to undo" his entire 18-year career at ABC News. Kurtz said the anchor made "a grave error in judgement" by donation to the foundation while reporting on it at the same time.

"To not tell his bosses at ABC News, to not disclose it to his viewers -- it's unthinkable!" he told Kelly.