Megyn Kelly Goes At It With Congressman Who Made ‘Hands Up, Don't Shoot' Gesture

Megyn Kelly Explodes At Congressman Who Made ‘Hands Up' Gesture

Megyn Kelly found herself in a shouting match Tuesday night with one of the lawmakers who made the "Hands up, don't shoot!" gesture on the House floor, which has become a symbol of protest against police violence in the wake of the killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown.

Kelly spoke with Congressman Al Green (D-Tex.), a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, who argued that the prosecution unfairly handled the case against police officer Darren Wilson .

Kelly fought back that the evidence shown to the grand jury contradicts the "Hands up, don't shoot" movement. After Kelly read aloud isolated portions of three witnesses' testimonies, Green accused her of giving her viewers "conflicting evidence."

"You're telling one side of the story and you're doing your viewers a disservice," he said. "You should be fair and balanced!"

"No, I'm not!" Kelly fired back.

"You cannot give one side of the story and expect it to become the truth," he said. "You have to let both sides be heard, and if both sides are heard and you have conflicting evidence, a good prosecutor gets an indictment and then he takes that to trial."

“On this show, on this channel, unlike any other," said Kelly, "you get both sides!”

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