Megyn Kelly Cracks Up Over Live TV Snafu (VIDEO)

Fox News' Megyn Kelly cracked up during her show on Friday when a segment was suddenly interrupted.

Kelly seemed to be mid-conversation with Fox News' Chris Stirewalt who was speaking about President Obama, when suddenly he was replaced with a different guest who was mid-sound check. "I have tone," the new guest said, seemingly speaking to producers in the control room.

"Hey! Mike Emanuel, how ya doin?!" Kelly said with a wave to her Fox News colleague. She then started laughing and said, "Stirewalt's gone!" She waited for a second and proudly announced, "There he is! I see him in the preview! Oh he's back! So glad you got a laugh. I love live television!"

"Always fun, always fun," Stirewalt said in a far more serious tone, before going right back to where he left off.

Watch the clip above via Inside Cable News.



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