Megyn Kelly Tears Into MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry Over 'Humiliating' Interview Question

Melissa Harris-Perry isn't going to like this.

In one of the most bizarre TV interview moments in memory, MSNBC's Perry recently told U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder that she calls him "the duck" and proceeded to ask if he would "quack" for her.

Fox News' Megyn Kelly played that clip back for viewers on Monday evening, but she could hardly get through it.

"Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Is it over? Is it over?" Kelly repeated, with one hand over her eyes.

"It's terrible!" she yelled to her guest, Fox News' own Howard Kurtz.

Kurtz agreed, calling it one of "the most cringe-inducing" things he's ever seen and comparing it to a skit from "Saturday Night Live."

"What was she doing?" Kelly burst out laughing. "How humiliating for her. Does she know how she just humiliated herself?"