Megyn Kelly Makes The Mistake Of Asking Indian Prime Minister If He's On Twitter

Turns out Narendra Modi has nearly as many followers as Donald Trump.

NBC News’ Megyn Kelly probably should have done her social media homework.

On Thursday, the reporter asked Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi if he was on Twitter, The Hindu reported.

Modi said “Yes,” politely omitting the fact that he has 30.3 million followers, just short of U.S. President Donald Trump’s 31.2 million as of Friday.

Kelly asked the unfortunate question when she was exchanging pleasantries with Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin before Friday’s St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in Russia.

Here’s the moment, prompted by Modi’s comment on a recent tweet of Kelly’s that featured her with an umbrella.

As the Washington Post pointed out, Twiplomacy determined that Modi ranked as the seventh most influential world leader on Twitter in 2016.

People on Twitter let the former Fox Newser have it.

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