Megyn Kelly Thinks Obama's Comments About Christians Are Doing 'Real Damage' To The Country

Megyn Kelly is not taking President Barack Obama's recent comments about Christians lightly.

During an Easter prayer breakfast on Tuesday, Obama told an audience that he gets concerned when he hears "less-than-loving expressions by Christians."

"But that’s a topic for another day," he continued.

Like clockwork, Fox News responded with a bit of a freakout about the damaging effect of his words.

"His remarks come as Christians are increasingly being targeted by terrorists worldwide," Kelly said Tuesday evening, referring to the nearly 150 people killed in a terror attack on a Kenya university last week, and also citing the 21 Egyptians killed at the hands of the Islamic State militant group in February.

Tony Perkins, president of the anti-gay Family Research Council, backed her up, suggesting that Obama's policies are “fostering an environment where tyrants and terrorists feel free to kill people.”

Even that was a bit much for Kelly, who took it back a notch and told Perkins that he had gone too far. But she did wonder whether Obama's comments were causing serious harm to the Christian community.

"This is the Easter prayer breakfast, OK? Like the holiest holiday in Christianity: Easter," she said, blasting Obama for making that the place where he "goes off script to criticize Christians."

“The question is whether those comments do real damage, not just to morale among Christians about what their president thinks of them, but to the enemy ... that they feel he won’t stand up for Christians who are under threat."