Things Got Weird Between Megyn Kelly And Obama At White House Christmas Party

Things Got Weird Between Megyn Kelly And Obama

Making small talk at social gatherings can be challenging for everyone. But it would seem the practice is especially uncomfortable when you're a Fox News host at President Barack Obama's Christmas party.

Megyn Kelly found this out the hard way when at the annual holiday bash she found herself mingling with the commander-in-chief.

According to Kelly, things went downhill when President Obama asked her if she thought the White House was "a pretty fun place."

"It is," Kelly shot back, awkwardly. "Maybe we’ll be here in two years.”

The comment came off as if Kelly thought that a GOP candidate would win the upcoming 2016 presidential election, but the Fox News anchor insists she wasn't trying to talk any trash. Instead, Kelly claims the quip was a flubbed attempt at making a joke about running for president with her husband.

“I think all he was thinking was, ‘Who is we? Oh, she’s with Fox News. Oh, I don’t like Fox News. Oh, that’s for Republicans, she must mean the Republicans! Is this a shot at me at my Christmas party?’” Kelly told Jimmy Kimmel during an interview Wednesday night.

"President Obama, I apologize,” she continued. “I didn’t mean it that way.”

Watch the video above for the full clip.

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