Megyn Kelly Erupts At Ezekiel Emanuel Over Obamacare (VIDEO)

Fox News' Megyn Kelly erupted at White House advisor Ezekiel Emanuel over whether the Obama administration knew that insurance companies would cancel some people's existing coverage under Obamacare.

Health insurance policies must meet Obamacare standards or have been unchanged since 2010 in order to continue in 2014. Kelly wanted to know whether the White House had known that some policies would be canceled. Kelly and Emanuel disagreed over the number of people who are affected, and Emanuel argued that insurance companies had "always canceled policies" even before Obamacare.

"You keep downplaying it sir!" Kelly shouted. "But it's happening... It is relevant. They wanna know if you knew."

Kelly continued to press Emanuel on the issue. Later, he argued, "Whether you could anticipate what business would do is irrelevant."

"Stop saying that,” Kelly said, “Because I’ll tell you what’s relevant to my viewers. I think I know my viewers, and I think they think this is relevant. […] Why didn’t you say to the American people ‘you need to know what’s going to happen on the individual insurance market because it’s going to be very relevant to your life, your health and your children’s health."



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