Megyn Kelly: Government's Plan To Enter Newsrooms Is 'Crazy Talk'

Megyn Kelly Freaks Out

Megyn Kelly called the Obama administration "crazy" for a new proposal that would allow researchers to investigate newsrooms nationwide.

The Federal Communications Commission's proposal aims to investigate how stories are chosen and if coverage is subject to editorial bias, but some see that as a violation of press freedom that could be detrimental to journalists.

"What kind of crazy talk is that!?" Kelly said of the proposal. "Whose brain-child was this in the first place?"

Kelly seemed to find it ridiculous, even laughing at one point, that the government would try to advise news outlets about "what the people need to hear." She said it gives people "a window" into what the Obama administration is really thinking.

"How would it actually work? Somebody is going to sit there in our news meeting and tell me and my executive producer, 'You shouldn't lead with that. This story over here on how we think we're doing so great-- that's what the people need to hear!'"

"You know Megyn, you just aren't covering what the people need," her guest joked.

Watch the video for the full segment.

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