Megyn Kelly Interviews Psychic Stephanie Almaguer About Lisa Irwin Case (VIDEO)

Fox News' Megyn Kelly found a rather puzzling angle to the sad tale of missing baby Lisa Irwin when she interviewed a psychic about the case on her Wednesday show.

Irwin's disappearance from her Kansas City crib became a national news story in early October, sparking support and interest from concerned citizens.

Most recently, a self-described psychic named Stephanie Almaguer became involved with the investigation after she told police that she had a vision that informed her of the missing baby's whereabouts.

For reasons that were not entirely clear, Kelly interviewed Almaguer and asked her to talk about her vision. Kelly even said that Fox News had confirmed that police planned to investigate the location that emerged from Almaguer's vision.

"For those who think [psychic ability] is a possibility, tell us. What did you see?" Kelly asked.