Megyn Kelly To Rachel Maddow: Wrong To Call Justice Scalia 'A Troll' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Megyn Kelly Scolds Rachel Maddow

Megyn Kelly criticized Rachel Maddow for calling Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia "a troll" on Friday.

The Supreme Court is currently considering whether to continue Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, which requires the federal government to clear any voting system changes in certain places with a history of racial discrimination in elections. Scalia has argued against the provision, saying that it represented the "perpetuation of racial entitlement." Maddow called him "a troll" on Thursday's "Daily Show" with Jon Stewart, in reference to his comments.

On Friday's "America Live," Kelly responded to Maddow before delving into the case, saying:

"This has led to a lot of criticism of Justice Scalia including one liberal commentator calling him 'a troll,'" she said. "As somebody who covered the high court for three years and practiced law for nine, I personally object to that kind of language against the Supreme Court justice. I don't think it does anybody any good. I think they vote their consciences up there whether they're left or right."

Maddow and Kelly clashed before, in 2011 when Kelly presented a question to her Twitter followers for her legal feature "Kelly's Court." She asked whether a man who beat a 100-pound woman into a coma and claimed she deserved it was "right."

"That's a great question, Megyn Kelly, and Happy International Women's Day to you as well," Maddow said sarcastically, though she added that Kelly ultimately came down on the woman's side.

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