Megyn Kelly Asks Ted Cruz: 'What's It Like To Be The Most Hated Man In America?'

Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly kicked off her new prime-time program "The Kelly File" with a bang on Monday night, asking Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas): "What's it like to be the most hated man in America?"

Cruz initially side-stepped the question, congratulating Kelly on her new show, but she pressed him, "All right, so now answer the question."

Kelly told the Associated Press in an earlier interview that she does not want to be an opinion host, so in the new show, "You're not going to hear what I think... I think I'm too moderate and reasonable."

Cruz went on to criticize President Barack Obama and Democratic lawmakers for "refusing to negotiate" on bills funding just parts of the government.

Even members of Cruz's own party have criticized him for pursuing a fight over Obamacare into a government shutdown.

On Monday, Obama challenged House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) to "let the bill go to the floor" and prove there aren't enough votes to pass a clean continuing resolution.