Megyn Kelly Praises 'Very Brave' Tim Allen For Coming 'Out Of The Closet'

...As a conservative.

Megyn Kelly thinks comedian Tim Allen is “very brave” for coming “out of the closet” -- as a conservative.

On her Fox News show “The Kelly File” on Thursday, the host quizzed Allen on his thoughts about the 2016 presidential race.

But first, she praised the “Last Man Standing” actor for his courage:

“You're one of the few conservatives in Hollywood,” Kelly told Allen, who has spoken publicly about his political views in the past. “The viewers may not know yet is you have to go underground. It's very rare for somebody to come out so this is very brave of you, you're out. You're out of the closet as a conservative. And who do you like in the election?“

Watch the clip above to see the actor’s response.


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