Megyn Kelly Slams Trevor Noah For Criticizing Her Interview With Trump

Noah accused her of going easy on Trump.

Fox News host Megyn Kelly hit back at Trevor Noah on Thursday after the "Daily Show" host accused her of going easy on Donald Trump in her interview with him Tuesday evening.

Noah called out Kelly for not asking follow-up questions when Trump said he didn't like to reflect on mistakes and just said "excuse me" when asked about sexist tweets calling her a "bimbo."

“That’s not the most horrible thing. Over your life, you’ve been called a lot worse. Is that right? Wouldn’t you say? You had a life that’s not been that easy," Trump said.

Noah thought Kelly didn't push Trump hard enough on his comments.

"We're talking about misogyny, not a fart. 'Excuse me?' And Megyn Kelly, I don't get it, you spent months lambasting Trump for his sexist comments and now you're just laughing it off?" Noah said.

Kelly tweeted Thursday morning that Noah had no place telling her how to deal with attacks against her.

Trump repeatedly attacked Kelly after the first Republican presidential debate in August, when Kelly asked him about sexist remarks he made towards women. Trump called her a "lightweight" and suggested Kelly treated him unfairly because she was menstruating, saying "blood was coming out of her eyes...blood coming out of her wherever."

Kelly faced sexist insults on Twitter after Trump's comments, an experience, she told Variety last month, that "has not been enjoyable" and she hoped would stop.



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