'Literal Definition Of Terrorism': Mehdi Hasan Rips Right-Wing Attacks On Target

The MSNBC host called out conservatives for violence in Target stores aimed at the LGBTQ community.

MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan called out right-wingers for both hypocrisy and committing “the literal definition of terrorism” in its latest culture-war antics.

Unlike the right-wing freakout over Bud Light earlier in spring, which was largely online, Hasan noted that this time conservatives have been going into Target stores to harass workers and shoppers, and trash displays dedicated to Pride Month merchandise.

“Overnight, seemingly everyone’s worst conservative uncle at Thanksgiving dinner took it upon themselves to breach the walls of Target’s ‘woke’ clothing departments, and trash the rainbow Pride displays, and accost store employees in the process,” he said.

Target removed some merch and moved others as a result of what CEO Brian Cornell called increasing “violent incidents” in its stores.

“I should point out here that threatening violence or behaving violently for political purposes is the literal definition of terrorism,” Hasan noted, adding that Target “capitulated” to those threats of terror.

Hasan also called out the right for a “breathtaking” level of hypocrisy.

“The conservatives who love to engage in doomsday histrionics whenever a homeless person shoplifts a loaf of bread from a San Francisco grocery store, those some people have no issue with unhinged maniacs tearing through Target stores, destroying private property and menacing minimum-wage retail workers,” he said.

Hasan pointed to other hypocrisies as well.

“The American right pretends to worship free speech ― until people or corporations they don’t like exercise it,” he said. “They claim to hate boycotts and cancel culture ― until they’re the ones doing the boycotting and cancelling.”

They also talk tough on crime and terror ... “until it’s their side doing the criming and terrorizing.”

See more in his Sunday night monologue:

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