Mehdi Hasan Blasts Media For Normalizing 'Repugnant' Stephen Miller

Donald Trump's senior policy adviser should never be taken seriously again, the MSNBC anchor commented.

Mehdi Hasan on Monday named Stephen Miller as “probably the most repugnant individual to serve” in ex-President Donald Trump’s administration.

The MSNBC anchor then named and shamed the media outlets that now appear to be normalizing the racist former White House senior adviser, who pushed the border child separation policy.

“There is no shortage of odious people who gained power, thanks to Donald Trump,” acknowledged Hasan. “But if you had to pick just one who should be pushed out of public life, who should hang his head in shame and never be heard from or taken seriously ever again, it has to be Stephen Miller.”

Miller was with his hard-line immigration policies “more responsible than anyone for stealing children at the border,” said Hasan. He “targeted both legal and illegal immigrants” and made a mockery “of the very idea of America as a nation of immigrants.”

Despite his record, Miller has been afforded respect on Fox News, Politico and The Hill.

“The media have a tendency to treat anyone who has held a prominent government position as worthy of respect after they leave office,” said Hasan. “That’s not right. Stephen Miller does not deserve to be normalized. Some would say he deserves to be prosecuted. At the very minimum, he deserves to be shunned.”

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