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Meizu M3 Note Review, A Smartphone for Under $200?

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Source: Meizu

With the recent decision by the major cell phone carriers to simplify pricing, it has become painfully clear how expensive those high-end smartphones we all lust after really cost. New phones from Samsung and Apple can cost over $700 USD. Is there a way to get a large, well designed smartphone for less?

We Put The Sub $200 Meizu M3 Note To The Test

It turns out you can buy a 5.5" smartphone, with high-end features like a finger print scanner, 13 MP camera and 1920 x 1080 FDH display for under $200. The Meizu M3 Note sells for about $160 unlocked, but the question is, how does it compare to high-end smartphones costing 5 times as much.

To find out, watch as we test out the Meizu M3 Note Smartphone -

An Impressive Phone For the Price

As the video shows, the Meizu M3 Note is not as powerful and full featured as the latest phones from Samsung and Apple. The video also shows, the Note3 comes reasonably close to these phones, at a fraction of the price.

If you want the best smartphone on the market, you will still need to pay in the $700-$900 USD range. If you want an affordable and highly functional Android smartphone, with a large HD screen, great design and impressive battery life, the Meizu M3 Note is an excellent choice.

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