Mel B Of The Spice Girls Returns With New Single 'Once In My Life' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Spice Girls' Mel B Makes Out With Herself In New Video

Have you lost your girl power?

Wishing you could return to "Spice World" and bring some spice back in your life?

Well, get ready for your two feet to become one with the dancefloor as Mel B (aka: Scary Spice) drops her latest solo effort, "Once In My Life."

The single is Mel B's first in eight years and it's a glorious dancefloor earworm. Along the same lines as Katy Perry's "Firework," the upbeat, inspiring song delivers a power punch while also reminding you to love yourself and live life to the fullest.

If the song itself weren't enough, the music video has Mel B dancing around Wisteria Lane (yes, the same street from "Desperate Housewives") and ends in a dance party in a house where she makes out with herself! Girl power, indeed!

Watch the video above, listen to the song on repeat and remember if you ever need a pop song to lift your spirits, the Spice Girls will always be there.

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