Mel Gibson Appears To Salute Donald Trump At UFC Fight, Gets KO’d On Twitter

Both men have long histories of racist, sexist and antisemitic comments.

Actor Mel Gibson stoked controversy after he appeared to salute ex-President Donald Trump during a UFC fight over the weekend.

Video going viral appears to show the Oscar-winning Hollywood star making a military-style gesture toward Trump as the former president entered the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas to a mix of cheers and boos before Conor McGregor’s loss to Dustin Poirier.

It’s unclear if Trump saw Gibson in the crowd, or whether Gibson was saluting Trump or responding to something else.

Myth-debunking website confirmed it was Gibson in the viral clip, citing this photograph of him entering the arena wearing the same clothes:

Chris Unger via Getty Images

And this video of Gibson wanting a rematch:

Critics noted that both Trump and Gibson have long histories of making racist, sexist and antisemitic comments.

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