Mel Gibson Rant Remix: Tape Of Star's Racist Screed Turns Techno (VIDEO)

We all know by now that Mel Gibson is crazypants: A racist, sexist, anti-Semitic man with a god complex and a misunderestimation of the ability of people to turn on him. If you had any doubts about these claims, the two-minute tape posted by RadarOnline will not only push you over the line, but throw you there. In it Gibson tells his then-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, that she's dressing like a whore and it will be her fault if she's raped by a bunch of black men (yep, he used the N-word) because her p--sy is hanging out everywhere. You have to give it to Mel, he has an amazing ability to unite whites, blacks, women, hispanics, and Jews by making them all hate him. What peace activists have tried to do for decades, Mel did with a couple of slurs and threats.

How, may you ask, does this terrible terrible story end up in the comedy section? With a remix of course! took the tape and made it the world's scariest dance single. The only thing funnier about the situation is that his soon-to-be-released next film is called "Beaver."