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Mel Gibson Should Extract Big Head From Drunk Ass!

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I know. Tired and old this story is.

But it just struck me that so much has been said of Mel Gibson's anti-semitic tirades (and honestly, homey couldn't have written a better script himself following all the hubbub around the Passion of the Christ), but so little has been said of Gibson's drunk driving and of his assault of a law enforcement officer.

Seems a bit strange that we've spent so much time focusing on Gibson's racism (now that it's more out there), and so little time on his blatant disregard for the law. That this unsavory cat spewed forth his inner feelings on Jews is one thing (not how I'd choose to exercise my First Amendment right); but that Gibson took the law into his own hands and put others' lives at risk in the process is wholly inexcusable.

Where are the apologies?

I, for one, would have liked to see Gibson apologize not just to the Jews, but to every family who has been victimized by a drunk driver. I would have also liked to hear Gibson apologize for how he treated Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy James Mee, who was not only doing his job, but [as the arrest record shows] actually went out of his way to help the self-professed owner of Malibu save his uber-pissed face.

What arrogance!

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