Mel Gibson, Stepmother: Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson Files Restraining Order Against Actor

More bad news for Mel Gibson: The actor's 78-year-old stepmother has filed a restraining order against him. According to TMZ, Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson claims that the "Braveheart" star verbally assaulted her on several occasions and also caused her relationship with his father, 93-year-old Hutton Gibson, to end.

This is the latest detail in what is proving to be an increasingly hairy family situation. In June this year, the elder Gibson filed for divorce from his wife of 11 years, citing, shockingly, elder abuse. TMZ reported that the elder Gibson suffered from a number of health issues; a disagreement about how to approach his medications is said to have sparked tension between his ex-wife and famous son. The actor was also looking to have Teddy Joye removed from the house immediately.

Now Teddy Joye is retaliating with her own accusations about her notoriously temperamental stepson. According to her paperwork, she says that Gibson, 56, screamed at her "so close that I could feel his spit hitting my face" and "began acting like a wild man." Teddy Joye also says she was paralyzed with fear because of the incident and later vomited from the incident.

A California judge is scheduled to settle the matter next month in a full hearing.

In April, Gibson made news when audio recordings showing a clearly enraged Gibson were released to the public by screenwriter Joe Eszterhas.

“The bottom line is it shows to me he badly needs help … I strongly believe that unless he seeks and receives some kind of psychiatric help, someone is going to get hurt," Eszterhas told The Wrap about the troubled actor at the time.

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