Mel Gibson Is Remaking 'The Wild Bunch'

The classic Western will ride again in the hands of the controversial director.

Hollywood just pulled the trigger on the reboot of a classic Western.

Mel Gibson is remaking “The Wild Bunch” for Warner Bros., Deadline reported Monday.

Gibson will direct, executive produce and co-write the script, the entertainment site said.

The original Sam Peckinpah-directed “Wild Bunch” (1969) featured a slew of Hollywood icons, including Wiliam Holden, Ernest Borgnine and Robert Ryan, in a story about aging outlaws attempting one last robbery in the fading Wild West.

According to Variety, Warner Bros. has been attempting to re-do “The Wild Bunch” for some time and at one point the project caught Will Smith’s interest.

Gibson has fared well in directing action-heavy films. He won the best director Oscar for “Braveheart” (1995) and was nominated for “Hacksaw Ridge” (2016).

“The Wild Bunch” might have to wait a spell, however. His next project is the in-development World War II Navy project “Destroyer,” The Hollywood Reporter noted. In addition, Gibson’s planned sequel to “The Passion of the Christ” had also appeared to gain momentum.

Controversy has followed Gibson since his drunken anti-semitic rant at a police officer in 2006 and a girlfriend’s allegations in 2010 that he punched her more than once. (He pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor battery charge.) But there still seems to be enough support in Hollywood to back this project.

A Gibson rep told HuffPost early Tuesday he had “nothing more to add at this time” about “The Wild Bunch.”