Mel Gibson Throws Stones At OctoMom's Lips (PHOTOS)

After the National Enquirer and TMZ broke the news his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva is expecting his eighth child, he went on Leno Monday to confirm it in an odd victory tour that included nothing new to promote and a clips reel of previous appearances. In addition to some backhanded compliments about his estranged wife, he talked up his new girlfriend's respectability, calling her almost 40 and complimenting her musical skills. As Gibson told Leno, "I fell in love with her voice before I ever saw her."

Mel then tried to win over the audience by mocking an easy target - Nadya Suleman, a move pointed out elsewhere.

As he said, "I guess I'm OctoMel now," Gibson pulled his lips out to make fun of the puffy pucker of Nadya Suleman.

Meanwhile, Grigorieva looks more like Suleman than almost anyone else.

See if you can tell them apart in the slideshow below.