Mel Gibson's Ex Oksana Grigorieva Post-Fight PHOTO Released, Extortion Charges Surface

UPDATE: Sources connected to Oksana's dentist tell TMZ he believes the photo is doctored.

The sources quote Dr. Ross Shelden as saying, "The nose is not hers. The lips are not right. It's not a true and accurate picture. It has definitely been altered."

PREVIOUSLY: Radar has released a photo of Mel Gibson's ex, Oksana Grigorieva, after she says he punched her twice in the mouth, knocking out her teeth and giving her a concussion. See it here.

"Oksana lost a veneer and the right front tooth was severely chipped," a source familiar with the investigation told Radar.

TMZ reports that Oksana's teeth were not damaged. Her dentist submitted a sworn declaration that one veneer was knocked out and the other was damaged. Experts who have analyzed the photos believe the injury is inconsistent with being punched in the mouth since there is no soft tissue damage--and it may have been self-inflicted.

There is "no evidence of external or internal damage," a law enforcement source told TMZ.

Sources also told TMZ that Oksana tried to extort Mel out of more than $10 million in return for keeping the tapes of his explosive, racist rant private, and there are emails to prove it.

"There's a long trail of evidence," a source said.

Thursday Oksana and Mel attended a custody hearing and Mel did not lose his visitation rights to their baby daughter Lucia.

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