Melancon Closes With Another Reminder Of Vitter's Prostitute-Littered Past (VIDEO)

Louisiana Representative Charlie Melancon remains stuck behind incumbent Senator David Vitter (R-Louis.) in the polls, but he's closing his Senate campaign on the same message he's maintained throughout -- informing Louisiana's voters that Vitter loves him some prostitutes. Basically, this Senate race has become a referendum on whether Louisiana residents approve of whoring or not.

But the Melancon campiagn has stepped up its game. Now, instead of just telling people about Vitter's proclivities for hookers and reminding people that this is, you know, a crime, the Melancon campaign is going all in: "Our tax dollars pay David Vitter's salary, and he used it for prostitutes." Money is fungible! (Just ask any TARP recipient, speaking of whores.)


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