Melanie Griffith On Hosting Obama Fundraiser And The Stresses That Came With It (VIDEO)

Melanie Griffith On The Stresses Of Hosting An Obama Fundraiser

Melanie Griffith talked about a 2011 fundraiser she held for President Obama at her house on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." It was kind of a last-minute decision to host the event, and it turned out to be a huge headache for her and her husband, Antonio Banderas.

Originally, Eva Longoria was supposed to host, but the Secret Service found her house unacceptable as it didn't have three secure access points. So Longoria called on Griffith and Banderas with just a week-and-a-half to go before the event.

“We had to do things like, go around to the neighbors and tell them that the president was coming, and could we maybe use your backyard for some spies, that, I guess, that are gonna be back there?" Griffith said. "To protect the president.”

Griffith was also a little worried about the sweep that the Secret Service would have to do of her house. She said she asked them if they would arrest anyone if they found any illegal substances in the house, and was relieved to hear that they wouldn't. But, since the sweep, she said that Bandera's "Zorro" whip has gone missing.

Despite all of this, though, there was an even bigger headache. Griffith and Banderas were on their way back home after the sweep, but the streets had already been closed for Obama's arrival. The police refused to escort the couple home -- they thought they were lying about hosting. Luckily, they did ultimately make it back in time.

These days, Griffith is back on the big screen, starring in "Dark Tourist," in theaters August 23. Catch "Jimmy Kimmel Live" every weeknight at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC.

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