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Melanie Rickey, Grazia Editor-At-Large, Launches Campaign To Bring Alexander McQueen Exhibition To London

As the blockbuster exhibition of the summer, "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty" brought out a whopping 661,509 visitors in just three months to the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute.

But it's not New Yorkers, a new campaign is arguing, who really deserved the exhibit.

Grazia editor Melanie Rickey published an article on her fashion magazine's website on Monday entitled, "SIGN OUR PETITION To Bring McQueen Home."

"It's a scandal," the editor told the Guardian, "that it (the exhibition) isn't here." She wrote in Grazia:

Do you admire the work of Alexander McQueen and wish you had experienced the sell out exhibition honouring his work which just closed at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art? If the answer is yes, then you also probably think it is totally ridiculous that one of Britain's greatest designers was honoured abroad, far far away from the city he was born, raised and educated in.

Rickey began a Twitter campaign from her personal handle, @fashedatlarge, using the hashtag #bringMcQueenexhibitionhome and has also launched an online petition.

But she's not on her own, Rickey told the Guardian. "This isn't just my petition. I'm starting it on behalf of everyone who wants to see the exhibition in its home town. The aim is to put gentle pressure on the Alexander McQueen brand to make that happen."

Turns out the McQueen label might not need that much convincing. Rickey wrote in her Grazia article, "I've spoken to the team at McQueen who say 'we have no concrete plans at present but are thrilled with the obvious appreciation of the exhibition at the Met and are waiting until the end of the exhibition before making any further decisions.'"

Similarly, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the crown jewel of London's art world, is on board, telling Grazia, "we would love to host the exhibition."

Considering we already had our chance to peruse the mega-retrospective for ourselves in New York (and adored it, by the way), we'd be more than happy to see McQueen's designs return to their homeland. Why? Because it's opportunity for a Kate Middleton-at-McQueen sighting, of course. The million dollar question is: what would she wear?