Melbourne to Offer a New Home to US Corporations if Trump Wins


Australia doesn't like Trump and local government is taking a stand in the event that Republican candidate Donald Trump is elected to office this November.

Australian councilor and journalist, Stephen Mayne, filed a motion to the Future Melbourne Committee to provide incentives for U.S. businesses to move to Melbourne under the premise that Donald Trump takes the White House.

According to the motion, a nominated city councilor will personally invite 15 U.S. companies to relocate their headquarters to Melbourne, the capital of Victoria. Mayne wrote, "Whilst Trump's rise clearly represents a threat to world peace and stability, it also creates opportunities for stable, peace-loving, US-aligned, English speaking countries such as Australia."

He continued to promote Melbourne as an ideal location to live. "Melbourne has been voted the world's most liveable [sic] city by The Economist Intelligence Unit for the past five years. And as arguably the world's most successful and cohesive multi-cultural city, Melbourne is a great place for global companies to base their operations."

Mayne cites that U.S. corporations may fear backlash if Trump were elected, after the billionaire denounced Apple products by suggesting a boycott. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently took a dig at Trump regarding the tycoon's policy ideas of "slowing immigration, for reducing trade, and in some cases even for cutting access to the internet."

Mayne told The Age, "Why would you want to live in a country where so many people think Donald Trump is good? Come to Australia where 80 percent of people think he's a jerk."

Not all U.S. locals favor Trump, of course. Rumors have spread that activists continue to defecate on his Hollywood Walk of Fame star and immigrants are known to have been rushing to get their citizenship so that they can vote against him this election.

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Photo Credit: Reuters