Melinda Dennehy, Sexting Teacher, Sent Nude Pictures To High School Student, Police Say

Sexting Teacher Sent Nude Pictures To High School Students, Police Say

UPDATE: Melinda Dennehy has pleaded guilty to sending her student nude photos. Read more about her plea here--Teens and tweens have come under fire for 'sexting'--sending sexually explicit photos of themselves via text message--but an incident at a New Hampshire high school suggests teachers may need a warning, too.

Forty-one-year-old Melinday Dennehy, an English teacher at Londonderry High School, sent 'four sexy shots of herself,' with her 'genitals exposed,' to her 15-year-old male student, according to police. The sophomore told police that Dennehy texted him detailing sexual acts she wanted to perform with him.

The student who received the photos allegedly forwarded them to his friends. Police investigators who obtained the images were able to identify Dennehy with the help of her coworker.

CBS News adds,

The teen told police that Dennehy had "continuously sent him text messages," some of which were sexually explicit. He also claimed that she "kissed him twice on two separate occasions" in a classroom at school.

Dennehy, mother of two, has been released on bail and is currently on 'administrative leave with pay,' according to a post by Associated Content. She was charged with a felony count of indecent exposure.

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