Melissa Etheridge Claims Split Mutual, Tammy Hints Differently


Melissa Etheridge tells Oprah that her breakup with wife Tammy was mutual, but judging by entries on Tammy's blog denying "drifting" and mentioning being "blindsided," Melissa may have instigated the split.

Melissa, 48, tells Oprah on Friday's episode that the separation was "as mutual as those things can be." She also calls the breakup "sad."

The singer calls her actress ex is "a wonderful woman and an incredible mother" and said "she'll always be in my life."

BUT, over on Tammy's blog, things seem a little different.

Tammy, 35 and the birth mother of the couple's twins, writes occasionally under the name Hollywood Farm Girl, and in a Friday entry (the same day as the Oprah episode) she wrote:

this will be the only place
where you will get the truth
Hollywood Farm Girl
is the only one
who gets
it right
who won't spin
won't lie
won't act like there was
and that's all.

So no drifting.

Tammy has only written several entries in 2010, and one February entry (removed but preserved in google cache), speaks of being blindsided.

Part of it is below.

i am missing a piece of me
that is so large
the absence of which
makes me cripple...

i walk around
half of what i used to be
maybe less

one side blind
one eye blind
i can see very little beyond
the half of me bleeding
the inside of me
pouring outside

Tammy has yet to speak publicly.

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