Melissa Harris-Perry Is's New Editor-at-Large

#Nerdland has a new home.

Less than two months after an ugly split with MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry has joined as the website's new editor-at-large, the magazine announced Monday.

Harris-Perry tweeted the news late Monday, following the announcement:

Leah Chernikoff, site director, said she was "thrilled" that Harris-Perry was joining the website. 

Harris-Perry, a professor at Wake Forest University, will not work full-time with, but will write for the website and will "appear on-camera regularly," according to CNN's Brian Stelter, who first broke the news.

Her first published story on Elle as editor-at-large also appeared Monday; it was an examination of feminism in HBO's new film, "Confirmation," about Anita Hill and her effect on the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination.

Harris-Perry began hosting her weekend show on MSNBC in 2012 and would go on to develop a following of die-hard fans, who were collectively and affectionately dubbed "nerdland." But earlier this year, tensions between Harris-Perry and MSNBC boiled over publicly, after the host complained pre-emptions were interfering with the airing of her show and, in an explosive email to her staff, said that she felt "worthless" to the NBC-owned network. She walked off her show and said she would only return to the cable news network if she was given her show back with full editorial autonomy. Ultimately, MSNBC canceled Harris-Perry's show in February. 

"Joining is an opportunity to combine my expertise as a scholar, my commitments as a public intellectual, and my interests as a woman," said Harris-Perry in a statement about her new role at the website. "I am thrilled to tell my loyal television audience where they can find me and to introduce myself to brand new audiences, all while telling the stories of extraordinary women and girls."