Melissa Harris-Perry: Where Are The Female Debate Moderators? (VIDEO)

MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry praised three high school seniors on her Saturday show for launching a petition for more female debate moderators.

Elena Tsemberis, Sammi Siegel and Emma Axelrod of Montclair, N.J., are petitioning the Commission on Presidential Debates to select a woman to moderate one of the three upcoming 2012 presidential debates. It has been 20 years since a woman assumed the role.

Harris-Perry mentioned that the teenagers had some suggestions for a potential moderators, which included ABC's Diane Sawyer, CBS' Leslie Stahl, and PBS' Gwen Ifill.

"At this risk of sounding like a corporate shill, I'll proudly point to my colleague here at MSNBC, the award-winning Andrea Mitchell," Harris-Perry said, recommending Mitchell for the post.

Harris-Perry added, "young women today are growing up [during a time]...when female voters are capable of deciding national elections, but they have never watched a woman pose her own questions in her own voice to the men who seek the nation's highest office."

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