Melissa Harris-Perry: Tax Day A Reminder Of Gender Pay Gap (VIDEO)

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Melissa Harris-Perry dedicated a segment on her Sunday MSNBC show to discuss how tax day serves as an important reminder of the pay gap that exists between men and women.

"That familiar 1040 form lays it all out in black and white, or should I say pink and blue?" Harris-Perry said. During her signature "Go Figure" segment, Harris-Perry ran through a variety of statistics regarding equal pay, highlighting the additional strain the gap puts on minority women.

"77 is how many cents women working full time currently make for every dollar men are paid. $11,084 is the yearly wage gap created by that pay deficit between full-time working men and women," she said. "64 cents is how much African American women are paid for every dollar men earn, showing that women of color are more impacted by these unequal pay disparities."

She added, "One is the number of bills called the Paycheck Fairness Act currently awaiting congressional approval that would amend the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act and prohibit employers from paying men more than women for the same job ... If women are expected to contribute equally to the taxes taken out of their checks, it's beyond time that they have equal pay."

A congressional vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act was blocked last week by House GOP representatives.