Melissa Joan Hart Had 'A Little Too Much Fun' At The Playboy Mansion In Her 20s (VIDEO)

Melissa Joan Hart was one of the darlings of the 90s, starring in wholesome sitcoms "Clarissa Explains It All" and "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch." Although she was known for her good-girl image, Hart admits she had some wild nights in her 20s. In the above clip from Sunday's upcoming "Oprah: Where Are They Now?," she shares "the craziest thing" she did during her partying phase.

"I did 'Sabrina' from [ages] 20 to 27," Hart says. "And yeah, at the beginning, it was my first time really hanging out in L.A., and starting to make my own money, bought my own house, starting to go out and party and do all this crazy fun stuff -- and just really enjoying my life as an adult for the first time."

Hart landed the cover of Maxim magazine, but says she didn't exactly prepare for the all-day shoot. "I'd gone to the Playboy Mansion the night before and had a little too much fun, explored a little too much of that Playboy Mansion," Hart says.

Hart first detailed the wild night in her book, Melissa Explains It All, revealing that she took ecstasy at the party and made out with another girl in the limo ride home.

"And so the next morning I rolled up to the Maxim photo shoot and I was pretty hungover and coming down," she says in the video. "And here I was, having a full day of ... hair extensions and bikinis, and I was not prepared for it -- so that was probably the least professional I've ever been in my career."

In the video below, "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" Executive Producer Jill Van Lokeren and Producer Julie Mirlicourtois talk more about Hart's controversial tell-all on HuffPost Live.

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