Melissa Joan Hart Might Reboot One Of Your Favorite Shows

"Sabrina" and "Clarissa Explains It All" ideas are apparently being thrown around.

Your life is about to get a little more magical.

While stopping by "FABLife" Monday, Melissa Joan Hart dropped the news that fans have been anticipating for more than a decade. She may be in talks to reboot "Sabrina" or "Clarissa Explains It All." 

The actress said that after her appearance on "FABLife," she had a meeting to talk about possible reboot ideas for both of the series, which is, duh, the greatest news. But Hart said to keep things in perspective.

"Take a step back," she added after everyone started freaking out. It seems either reboot is still far off. "Who's gonna do it? How's it gonna be done? It's a lot of politics. We are nowhere near doing anything," she said.

While talking to The Huffington Post recently, Hart said while there has been a lot of talk about a reboot -- she's even discussed the idea with her mom, "Sabrina" executive producer Paula Hart -- it's tricky to do.

"I think the thing about reboots is they’re really hard to do. They’re hard to do right. I think sometimes it’s better to just leave it in the past unless you do it really, really great,” she said.

The actress added, "I feel like it can be a career-killer if it's not done right. You know, 'Girl Meets World' and 'Fuller House' have had success, but there are so many coming out now, it’s like, 'Where is the original idea?' So, in some ways, I'd rather move forward than look back."

Yeah, we totally agree, Melissa. Always look forward. Right. So, like ... when's the reboot?



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