Melissa King, Beauty Queen Turned Porn Actress, Spoofs Self With Instagram Photo

Former Miss Delaware Teen USA Posts Eyebrow-Raising PHOTO

Is the former beauty queen who was discovered starring in a porn video finally commenting on the experience?

It seems that way, according to Brobible, which recently discovered a bizarre Instagram photo recently posted by former Miss Teen Delaware USA Melissa King.

Back in February, King was caught in a sex tape scandal that resulted in her losing her crown.

King, 19, is currently attending the University of Arkansas where she is majoring in journalism and otherwise doing things typical of a young college student: studying, going to football games and posting photos on social media sites like Instagram.

One of the photos she recently posted on her public Instagram page is being interpreted as a joke referencing the porn tape that lost King her crown.

The photo shows King covered with white icing on her face. The picture's title is "Not Again...", which may be a reference to her brief stint as a porn actress, according to, which praised her for her self-mocking sense of humor:

It's icing, guys. But round of applause for being confident and having an awesome sense of humor about it. You're A-OK with us, Melissa King.


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King did not respond to questions about the photo via Twitter, but the self-mocking photo is a 180 degree turn from the way she reacted when the story about her attempted porn career first broke.

Her story changed after got its hands on a video showing King reading a legal release on camera.

King only earned $1,500 for the crown-losing porn tape, according to TMZ, but after the scandal went mainstream, she rejected a $250,000 offer to be the spokeswoman for

The porn tape and subsequent resignation weren't the only scandals in King's life this year. In April, she was given a year of probation for underage alcohol possession in Maryland.

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Former Miss Delaware Teen USA

Former Miss Delaware Teen USA

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