Melissa McCarthy & 'The Hangover 3': Cameo Role In Cards For 'Bridesmaids' Star?

The Wolf Pack may get a little bigger. According to Variety, Melissa McCarthy is considering a small role in "The Hangover III." No word yet on what part McCarthy would play, nor if she even could appear due to a busy schedule that includes the television series "Mike and Molly."

Since co-starring in "Bridesmaids" last year, McCarthy has exploded. She hosted "Saturday Night Live," won an Emmy for "Mike and Molly," and filmed three highly anticipated comedies, including "This Is 40" (with Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann) and "Identity Theft" (with Jason Bateman). This summer, McCarthy reunited with "Bridesmaids" director Paul Feig for "The Heat," a buddy-cop comedy with Sandra Bullock.

Last year, Feig compared McCarthy success to Steve Carell. "It’s these people who have been trying for a long time and working for a long time and laying the groundwork," the "Bridesmaids" director said to HitFix. "And when this opportunity hits, they’re ready for it and they appreciate it and they take advantage of it. And she’s doing that in the smartest possible way."

The "Hangover" franchise has often utilized cameo appearances for comedy, starting with Mike Tyson in the first film. For "The Hangover Part II," director Todd Phillips wanted Mel Gibson to appear as a tattoo artist. The cast reportedly balked at that suggestion and Liam Neeson was cast. After Neeson departed due to scheduling conflicts, controversial director Nick Cassavetes replaced him and played the role in the finished film.

For more on "The Hangover III," head over to Variety.

[via Variety]

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