Melissa McCarthy Joins Judd Apatow's 'Knocked Up' Spin-Off

Melissa McCarthy and Judd Apatow struck up a pretty mutually beneficial relationship for "Bridesmaids," he providing her a spotlight, and she bringing her major talents to help make the film his most successful yet. So, hey, it only makes sense that they team up again, right?


According to The Hollywood Reporter, McCarthy, who stole scenes as one of Maya Rudolph's bridesmaids in the last film, will play the mom of young "Super 8" star Ryan Lee in Apatow's spin-off of his 2008 film, "Knocked Up." This one will feature Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann, supporting cast members in "Knocked Up," as the true stars of the film, chronicling their life raising children in their forties.

McCarthy is also in the crosshairs of her "Bridesmaids" director Paul Feig, who will be directing -- with, once again, Apatow producing -- what is being called an unconventional love story. Jon Hamm is being targeted as the male half of the equation.

"I'm very excited about that project," he Feig recently told Movieline. "I'm writing with them in mind, and it's just a love story that I've always wanted to write, that I think will be really funny, but will play much more real than most quote-unquote romantic comedies. Fingers crossed, I get them to do it."

Then, of course, is that seemingly impending "Bridesmaids" sequel, meaning that McCarthy + Apatow will be a long-running equation.