Melissa Rauch And Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Make Quite A Pair In 'Big Bang Theory' Photo

This "Big Bang Theory" episode promises to be head and shoulders above the rest.

Melissa Rauch of “The Big Bang Theory” and former NBA star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are giants in their field ― but only one is truly a towering figure.

That point was brought home this week in an Instagram post that featured two behind-the-scene photos of the two. Abdul-Jabbar, listed as 7-foot-2 on NBA.com, is appearing in a “BBT” episode airing Feb. 21 as the sitcom counts down to its farewell.

Rauch, said to be 4-foot-11, even managed a joke about her height in the caption, pitching her services to Abdul-Jabbar’s former team, the Lakers, “as a (very) Small Forward.”

In the episode, Abdul-Jabbar joins William Shatner, Joe Manganiello and Kevin Smith in a game of Dungeons and Dragons hosted by Wil Wheaton, according to a CBS press release. Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and crew want in on the action.

Here’s Abdul-Jabbar with the other guest stars and “Big Bang Theory” gang, posted by Kunal Nayyar, who plays Raj: