Melissa Rivers' Boyfriend Steve Hirsch: Reality Star Dating Porn Industry CEO

Melissa Rivers: The Perks Of Dating A Porn King

After finding out that her boyfriend has been cruising the Internet for ladies while they were still in a relationship, Melissa Rivers never thought she would find love again. But after just a matter of months, she has -- ironically, with Steve Hirsch, owner and CEO of one of the most successful porn companies in the world.

"There were web cams and he was soliciting people online," Melissa says of her ex on the set of my HDNet talk show, "Naughty But Nice." "It was very bad. It was very hard for me and my son. I am not a snooper. It happened by accident, but I am dating someone awesome now."

Promising that all her friends will now be getting free porn for Christmas, Melissa makes it clear that her new man isn’t in the films he produces.

"He's very normal, he's just a businessman in the business," Melissa says. "He runs the entertainment company, which is rather large. But we were in Vegas last week for the awards, and a lot of the girls looked so good. All night, girls were coming up to me asking about how they looked, and I would just think, 'Well, I can't see your vagina, so that's good,' and their makeup is running down their faces and there's actually a best anal work award. One girl said, I don't know if I can say this, but 'I would like to thank my a--hole for putting up with all of these shenanigans.'"

Most importantly, Melissa's new boyfriend has something that the last one did not -- her mother's approval.

"My daughter is with the Steven Spielberg of porn," gushed mom, Joan Rivers.

"Naughty But Nice with Rob" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on HDNet.

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