Penis-Shaped Subtropical Storm Melissa Arouses Commentary On Twitter

The storm's phallus-shaped track had people cracking jokes on social media.

Subtropical Storm Melissa is just making its way into the Atlantic off the New England coast, but it’s already arousing a lot of interest ― thanks to its unique shape.

That’s because the projected storm track looks like a cheeky adolescent hurriedly scribbled a penis onto a gym wall.

Except the cheeky adolescent is, in this case, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the gym wall is actually the Atlantic Ocean.

Yes, as soon as the NOAA photo of Suptropical Storm Melissa was posted on Friday, it immediately aroused some Twitter commentary.

Some real-life Melissas couldn’t help but chime in.

One man wanted to help fellow Twitter users prepare for another rainy day by listing the names of future storms.

As of Friday, Melissa does not pose any threat other than heavy rainfall, wind gusts and some minor coastal flooding. But it is just the latest storm to make waves on Twitter.

A few weeks back, Tropical Depression Karen inspired a lot of jokes because the name is an internet meme that describes a “righteously annoyed middle-aged white woman who loves coupons, reverse mullet bobs, and, above all else, speaking to the manager.”

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