Watch Melissa Villaseñor Finally Do Her Gwen Stefani Impression For Gwen Stefani

Stefani said she was "honored" by the former "SNL" star's impromptu rendition of two No Doubt classics.

In what can only be described as a meta moment, Melissa Villaseñor finally got to deliver her impression of Gwen Stefani in the presence of the No Doubt singer herself.

Villaseñor, a former “Saturday Night Live” star, and Stefani were joint guests on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” on Monday. During the interview, Villaseñor noted that while she’s played Stefani numerous times on “SNL” and other programs, this was her first time meeting the music icon in the flesh.

Fortunately, the comedian didn’t miss an opportunity to showcase her talents, telling the host that she’ll inadvertently slip into an impression of Stefani if a No Doubt song comes on the radio when she’s driving.

Viewers, however, may want to stay off the road on those occasions.

“It is dangerous because I get so into your impression and it’s not safe. I can’t drive,” she told Stefani, before segueing into a few bars of No Doubt’s 2000 hit “Simple Kind of Life.”

Villaseñor’s spot-on impression even got Stefani to playfully request an encore of sorts, to which the comedian happily obliged with a line from the chorus of 2001’s “Underneath It All.”

Watch Melissa Villaseñor’s “Kelly Clarkson Show” appearance below.

Elsewhere in the interview, Stefani said she was “honored” by the tribute ― even if Villaseñor is usually playing her for laughs.

“I always say you’ve made it if somebody dresses up as you for Halloween or makes fun of you,” the three-time Grammy winner quipped.

Villaseñor was one of eight “SNL” cast members to depart the comedy series at the end of Season 47, which wrapped in May. She said on Twitter that she felt “my soul telling me it’s time to spread my wings” before making the decision.

“Lots more for me to dig in and discover,” she added. “What an honor to experience my kid dream, what an honor.”

Later this month, Villaseñor will kick off a U.S. stand-up tour, with performances in cities including San Francisco, Chicago and Philadelphia.

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