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Melody Thornton Nipples Are On Full Display At ELLE Women in Music Event (NSFW PHOTOS)

Usually a celebrity wardrobe malfunction consists of a generous dose of sideboob, a visible tush or, most classically, the accidental flash of a pastie-covered nipple. But rarely are we graced with some full-frontal flashing of someone's entire chest.

Until Melody Thornton, who showed up to ELLE's Women in Music event in Hollywood last night wearing a sheer dress with nary a pastie underneath. We're taking full exposure, with just a clingy brown lace dress (which honestly looked a bit more like bedroom curtains) to separate her skin from the world.

Thornton, formerly of The Pussycat Dolls, also didn't bother with any bum-covering underwear.

As far as the rest of the look goes, it wasn't too impressive: a plain-Jane dress with an odd at-the-ankle length and an asymmetrical handkerchief hem. It seems Melody spent more time planning her makeup, which included some of the darkest bronzer we have ever seen.

As far as wardrobe malfunctions go, we'd venture to say this rivals Adrienne Bailon in her sheer-bottomed dress. What is it about former female popstars?

Behold Melody in all her malfunctioning glory.


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