We Love Melted Cheese This Much (PHOTOS)

Images Of Melted Cheese You Can't Stop Looking At

In our humble opinion, melted cheese makes every food taste better. When two boring slices of bread get together with melted cheese, you've got a grilled cheese (a food so loved that it has its own national holiday). When served on top of tortilla chips, you get nachos. You could probably smear melted cheese on a piece of cardboard and we'd call it culinary genius. Melting is the best thing cheese could do.

While we haven't yet caved into buying this (awesome) 'I heart Melted Cheese' t-shirt, we did write a bit of a love letter to our favorite dairy product, when in its very best state. Melted cheese, we love you, in so many different ways.

We Love You For Being So Damn Stringy

For The Love Of Melted Cheese

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