Member Gets Help Buying a Car, Improving Her Opinion of the Credit Union Along With Her Credit

An employee of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas for 17 years, Lilian had been a member of Blue Cross Texas Federal Credit Union (BCTFCU) for almost as long but was not using the benefits of that membership. In 2008, she was involved in a bad accident that totaled her car but did not hurt her physically.

She immediately went to a dealership and picked out a new car, not realizing, in her emotionally charged state, she was being taken advantage of and given a loan at a high interest rate.

After three years, that car was hit and fixed but was not the same, so she wanted a new car. This time, she went to BCTFCU, where she talked with the branch supervisor about the best way to buy one. He looked at her history and offered to take good care of her despite her financial problems.

Knowing that she had been with the credit union a long time, he said he trusted and believed in her. Because of his good relationships with all the dealers in the area, he made sure she got a fair deal and, to her surprise, took care of all the details.

Her car payments to the credit union, at a low and reasonable interest rate this time, are automatically deducted from her paycheck, so she is always on time. She also has been able to take care of other financial challenges, and in monitoring her credit score, she has watched it improve dramatically.

Even the insurance rate on her car has decreased because of her good credit score. At this point, she feels a strong loyalty to BCTFCU and knows that the staff will always be there for her. She has learned a lot from them and sees that the credit union is constantly adding new services that will help her and other members in the future.

An enthusiastic fan of BCTFCU, Lilian now has high standards for financial institutions because of the terrific support she continues to receive and greatly appreciate.